Types of Breeders

Different types of dog breeders, my opinion on the differences between A Reputable Breeder and the Puppy Farmer! This is a topic I'm very emotive about

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Types of Breeders

This is my chance to make an impact on those who have chosen to read it....I hope it challenges your conscience, to make an informed decision. It's my opinion that you should only buy from a from a reputable breeder, as you want the best possibility of a fit healthy dog with a good temperament as a life long companion, from a breeder who loves each puppy just as you do, a breeder who could spend hours telling you about the breed and their involvement in the dog world, a breeder you would recommend to your mother... the reputable breeder!.

Before you commit to buying a cocker spaniel puppy, you should feel confident in purchasing the puppy. So how do you know who is in the reputable category, Check the traffic light below... Do your homework, ask the right questions and ensure you are happy with the answers!

Please think about this before buying from a puppy farmer

"Once you save your puppy" and get in the car and leave behind... the real and hidden victims of puppy farmers....
the mothers and fathers of your puppy! (which puppy farmers usually referred to as “breeding stock”)

These dogs live their entire lives in cages or pens and many in poor health with genetic and behavioural problems due to isolation and environmental conditions .
Forced to continuously churn out litter after litter for their entire lives. Treated like nothing more than factory equipment.

These parent dogs suffer for years until they are no longer of commercial value, no longer profitable they are "disposed of"

I get a lot (and I really do mean alot) of emails from people who have purchased a cocker spaniel from a puppy farmer and things haven't gone well. Sometimes its started as soon as they have paid a deposit... sometimes it a year or so down the track. But in all these cases the family have been placed under emotional and or financial stress, and in some cases not being able to keep the puppy as planned.

2 Reasons people tell me they buy from puppy farmers

  • Price - everything is done based on profit vs loss and in regard to       what they can get on the current market (from the buyer)

  • Thinking they are "saving the puppy" - this just provides more              sales and encourages them to breed more ... 
  • This is information I've collect from the people who contact me with issues after getting a puppy

    The 'Traffic Light' chart below shows the general differences between breeder types. From the reputable Dog Breeder to the Puppy Farmer, Reputable dogs breeder often call the ones in the middle "back yarders" because even though they are still breeding purely for profit they do take more care in some areas. They generally start off breeding from their own pets dogs.

  • Green - By all indications this is a reputable breeder
  • Orange - Exercise caution - some of these breeders are more responsible, but others less are verging on the red, in essence they are still puppy                farmers
  • Red - Stop - the red flags are too obvious to ignore you are buying from a puppy farmer

  • I'll also warn you that their is a current loop hole in the Dogs NZ registry rules, where some puppy farmer do actually have registered kennel names - however they can not register their puppies on the purebred register - because they are not breeding from registered purebred dogs. i'll keep you updated on the development on getting this loophole fixed, I've started a members poll and am making a submission to the Canine Health & Welfare Committee, who are keen to get this fixed, meanwhile you're welcome to contact me if you want to know more about it - and tell if a breeder is genuine.

    Dog Breeder Traffic Lights A to Z

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