About us

Phil and I have 4 daughters who have all been involved with the dogs to some degree. I'm passionate about our cockers and enjoy showing them or simply throwing a ball in the back yard.

In 2009 I was involved in Obedience and Chelsea dabbling in agility when we purchased a show cocker Rigaya Acoustic Style for Zoe. Jonus' show career was very short as we realised he was not of show quality and top it off we learnt from a canine ophthalmologist that he had multiple eye issues including being highly suspected of PRA (a heredity eye condition that leads to early blindness) but we learnt a lot about the show world from having him and we'd caught the show bug! So with a little a more information about the breed standard and health issues we started looking for a show quality cocker with health tested parents and so our true journey began.....

Ruby, Briar & Zoe - One of my favourite photos, with 3 of my girls winning at the Nationals on Ruby's 5th birthday and older sister Chelsea being an amazing kennel maid for all 3 girls !

Ruby, Briar & Zoe - One of my all time favourite photos, with 3 of my girls winning at the Nationals on Ruby's 5th birthday, older sister Chelsea was an amazing kennel maid for all 3 girls !

Its a long road when you start out, but within a short time we proved to be contenders in the show ring and were winning at all levels. Quite by accident I had joined Zoe in showing the dogs, so we had a dog each... which grew to two each before we under took our first litter in 2011. Since that time I have spent a lot of time researching, learning and dedicating myself to improving, and am pleased to say that our results are specking for themselves.

All our dogs are DNA health tested and much thought goes into planning a litter long before mating stage, I have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to do things the right way so undertook a course of Canine Theriogenology through the University of Minnesota to learn all I could about canine reproduction, breeding management etc. Its our aim to breed quality puppies that are healthy, fit for purpose and meet the breed standard in every way. We breed to further our own journey, and puppies we don't keep are available to family homes.

In 2013 we moved from Blenheim to Rotorua with our 4 daughters, which has enabled us to show on a more regular basis and have room to grow and to set up our own dogs area's the way we want. Starting with an almost blank slate we are continually developing and making improvement to our dog area. But for the most part our dogs continue to be house dogs during the day. The photos below are a a history of the improvements we've made for the comfort of our cockers when they do spend time away from us. My kids all say the dogs are spoilt... and my reply to that is "yes they are and they deserve it' Our cockers are part of our family!

While my website is primarily to showcase our own English cocker spaniels it is also contains a collection of articles etc for others who are interested in the breed.

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A Work In Progress

Since we arrived we've been making improvements, and I'm very lucky to have a wonder husband Phil who brings my dreams into reality.
These are photos from the first few years. Since these we've added a Stone Yard, and a roof over the Top Yard and various other things.
It looks like time for some new photos...